“Through this week make a conscious effort not to pass negative judgment on those around you or on any situation”

This one came across to me as hard & why wouldn’t it? I feel like every day we pass judgment on situations or people around us. I tried really hard not to judge people, places, or situations in a negative light.

My question is, why do we judge people or situations so brutally?

I really don’t have much to say on this topic, I feel like if I dived in to what events or people I came into contact with this week I would end up passing negative judgment. Instead of doing the opposite of what my activity stated I am going to share details of my week.

A little backstory begins with me working for a credit union. I spent 5 years of my life working for them, only to feel unaccomplished in my work there. I never managed to receive the many promotions I applied for no matter how hard I worked or how many times I was told how valuable I was from my management team. I was bored, I couldn’t keep working the front lines for another X amount of years, I wanted growth, I wanted to learn & I wasn’t learning anymore.

I finally sent an application to their call center, I figured it would be a big learning experience and it could help me move towards my career goals I made during my time working with them. That move to the call center became a horrible mistake. First, people are mean, and their even more mean on the phone when no face is involved. Second, the management team there & I did not always mesh well, I began to miss my managers back at the branch.

A few months into working there I got sick, I am not sure if it was the working environment there or just a fluke. It wasn’t serious thankfully, but it was irritating. It started off like any normal cold/flu. A fever, stuffy nose, & cough. The only issue was the cough, it was intense & wouldn’t go away. I would cough & cough until I could barely breathe & 90% of the time I would throw up. This went on for months with little relief. When I finally got the relief I needed it was too late, I was let go.

That day was one of the greatest days of my life even though it didn’t feel that way in the beginning and it didn’t feel that way for a few months in. I was unemployed and was not awarded unemployment insurance, I had to fight for that benefit which was a lengthy process that took weeks, meanwhile I had to pay my bills.

After a few months of unemployment I found work & found that it was not the right fit for me so I search for something else hoping that the perfect fit would come along, hoping that I would feel like I did when I first started working with the credit union. I have been at my new job with a small law firm for a few months now & I have been loving every minute of it. I discovered an appreciation for something I never thought I would.

I decided that I want to help myself be better for this position. They’ve given me a lot of tasks & I have tried my hardest to learn them. After a few months they gave me my raise which put my hourly rate higher than the credit union call center with a lot less stress, I really want to do the best I can.

I decided to enroll into a Paralegal program. I’ve spent my week studying for my assessment tests in English & Math (the latter being my worst subject ever!). I haven’t done any of the math in over 10 years. That has been a bit hard, but with the assistance of my insanely math smart mother in law it is starting to feel a lot less like a foreign language that doesn’t even exist.

I’ve mapped out my courses but do not start until Summer. Wish me luck!



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