Wedding Guest Do’s & Don’ts

Recently I uploaded a list of Wedding I Do’s & I Don’ts for the happy couple. Now it’s time for the guests Do’s & Don’ts.

Do: Show up early. 

  • The invitation says 5pm, be there by 4:30pm at the latest. It gives you plenty of time to park, find the location, find your seat, and maybe even stop by the bar to enjoy a drink before (if they have one at the venue).

Don’t: Be late! 

  • The show must go on no matter what. You being late will only anger your host since they wanted to start on time.

Do: Dress Appropriate.

  • Whatever event you are attending (engagement party, shower, wedding), dress appropriate. Not all weddings are black tie & gowns for the guests, but it is a wedding, you should wear something like you would wear to church.

Don’t: Dress Inappropriately. 

  • If you put on your outfit & you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to church, don’t wear it. Many weddings are in churches.
  • Don’t wear a dress with a VERY low cut. Wedding events are not the place to have your cleavage hanging out.
  • Don’t wear a dress that is too short, specially with heels that are too high. It looks like you’re going to the club.

Do: Bring a Gift. 

  • If you ordered something for the couple & it just didn’t get the memo about being there on time or you would like to make it easier at the end of the night & deliver on a later date, give them a card.

Don’t: Skip the Gift At All.

  • Even if you don’t attend the event, you got an invitation, you always send a gift whenever you receive one.
  • Never include cash in your card you take to the wedding. Gift cards & checks can be replaced if the card is lost. Cash can’t.

Do: Dance! 

  • It’s a wedding, get up & dance!

Don’t: Dance like No One is Watching. 

  • I went to a wedding where I saw someone motorboat his girlfriend on the dance floor..yup. Girlfriend was breaking the cleavage rule so it should’ve been expected I guess…..

Do: Have a Drink!

  • The last post stated that as a host you need an open bar. So if they did that they spent a lot of money, help yourself to a drink or two.

Don’t: Drink too Much. 

  • Don’t drink so much that you throw up (guilty!).
  • Don’t drink so much that you’re stumbling.
  • Don’t drink so much that you pass out.
  • Don’t drink so much that you decide it’s a fantastic idea to get on the dance floor with no shirt on & dance like you can barely hold yourself up (I really was a witness to this…..).
  • Don’t drink so much that you decide to grab the mic & sing off key to everyone in the room, say mean things about the couple, or confess your love for the bride/groom.

Other Don’ts for being a wedding guest include: 

  • Don’t get into a fight. Fist fight, fight with your partner, whatever kind of fight. Just don’t.
  • Forget to RSVP & then show up anyways
  • RSVP & then not show up (I had a couple of people do this at my wedding. One had a fantastic excuse and texted me earlier in the day to apologize. The other didn’t have a good excuse & didn’t even bother to apologize….)
  • RSVP late. The couple needs to give their venue/caterer a head count by a certain date.
  • Assume you can bring a date. Ask the couple when you receive the invitation if you’re wondering.
  • Forget to turn your cell phone off.
  • While were at it, don’t use your cell phone during the ceremony. (I have a beautiful picture of me & my husband at the alter during the ceremony, behind us, his family. My photographer happened to snap a picture right when his cousin looked at his phone…..)
  • Don’t wear a white dress. Unless the bride is Kate Middleton & you’re Pippa (as in the bride told you to wear white) you should never wear a white dress.




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