Wedding Day Regret

Ben and I got married on a beautiful day in October of 2014. Leading up to the event people asked me if I was nervous, I could tell some were wondering if I was nervous about getting married, cold feet as they say. There was never a moment in my life leading up to our wedding that I got nervous about marrying him (or marriage in general), the only thing that made me nervous was the actual idea of standing up in front of everyone and speaking (I have a HUGE fear of speaking in front of groups).

I recently read an article where celebrities revealed moments about their wedding day that they regretted and I started to think about my own, because there were regrets that still bother me to this day (almost 3 years later).

.The Veil.

I wish I had never bought that veil, I said I didn’t want it, but when they plopped one on top of my head I fell for it. First, like most things aimed towards brides, they are overly expensive. I think I paid around $80 for something that I probably could’ve made for half the price with a trip to Michael’s. Second, we were getting married outside and there was wind, enough wind to blow my veil into my face after turning towards our guests to walk down the aisle as man and wife. Enough said. To this day I still hate my veil….

.Guest Using Their Phones.

Unlike most weddings I attended, we did not ban the use of phones during the ceremony. While parts of me are happy because I was able to see pictures of our ceremony sooner, parts of me were annoyed when those pictures arrived and were ruined by the people in the background on their phone (during the ceremony). I have this beautiful picture of Ben and I, in the background is a member of his family staring at their phone. We laugh at it, but I wish I could use that picture in our home and wedding album.

.Forgetting My Earrings.

I decided to wear a nice pair of earrings my parents had bought me, they fit with the dress perfectly. I didn’t sleep in them because they were thick little hoops. Morning of I took out my stud earrings and threw the hoops my bag. I realized halfway through the reception I forgot to wear my earrings. I had my hair down and swept over one shoulder so no one really noticed, but I am still angry with myself for forgetting to put my earrings in.

.Not “Sweating for the Dress”.

I did absolutely nothing to keep my weight down before our wedding. By the time the big day came I felt like I was less than 1 inch away from looking like a stuffed sausage in my dress. I actually broke the small clasp part of my slip dress when I took a breath, luckily I was not going strapless and did not need the clasp to avoid a wardrobe malfunction…

I’m sure my husband shares this regret, he always mentions his virtually non existent fat neck when he views our wedding pictures.

.The Stress.

The day moves by so fast, you blink and it is over. All the little details I panicked over were pretty much ignored (literally, no one grabbed their party favors on the way out”). I stressed about a ton of stuff that really wouldn’t matter. When I printed the escort cards some of the paper was put in the wrong way and I had to reprint, I bet no one would have noticed their name was printed on the wrong side of the card.

I look back at it now and all the stress was not worth it. Its great to pay attention to details, just don’t stress out over them. I’ve been to so many weddings and I don’t remember what my escort card looked like for a friends wedding, I don’t remember what table number I was placed at, I only remember the event itself and who I was there for.

and the food….


I see no neck fat & you can’t even see my ears….

Do you have any regrets from your wedding day?
I sincerely hope they are small and insignificant like mine
and not anything that makes you feel like you’ve ruined
any aspect of your life.



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