Our Trip to San Francisco

For our 3 year wedding anniversary we decided to take a trip to San Francisco, which also happens to be the same place we went for our 1 year wedding anniversary. The first time we went we just happened to stumble on Fleet Week, this time we knew beforehand that Fleet Week would be alive and well in San Francisco.

The Buena Vista Airshow

We arrived at SFO in the morning and then headed to our hotel on Fisherman’s Wharf to check in, after we headed to The Buena Vista for their famous Irish Coffee’s (not me, I can’t handle the whiskey..). If you’ve never been to The Buena Vista on one of your stops to San Francisco, you need to add it to your to-do list NOW! It is an interesting little restaurant located on Beach Street and a must do. Get there as early as possible and prepare to wait. The restaurant is very small, seating is very limited, and you may sit at a table with complete strangers (we sat with two groups of strangers during our brunch). The waitstaff are constantly moving, so get your order out quickly because they are far too busy to wait for you. I ordered a Bloody Mary, which was not very good, and Ben stuck to what they are good at. The Irish Coffee.

It’s insane how fast and how many Irish Coffees they make, their website states they make over 2,000 a day, and they have mastered making them quickly while not missing out on the taste of it. They line up the glasses and begin pouring the ingredients into the line one by one, then top off with cream. See photo below. Most of the bartenders have been their for over 20 years, how many business can say that?

**Be sure to check out The Buena Vista store located directly behind them for some awesome souvernirs**

After The Buena Vista we headed outside to watch the Blue Angels show. The San Francisco bay, with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop could not be any prettier. I miss it, and I want to go back already!

The Rooftop

Ben has a few friends that live in San Francisco, one of which happens to have an awesome rooftop view of the entire city. A perfect place to catch round two of the airshow.

The gangs all here!

Golden Gate Park

On this particular weekend it also happened to be the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Which is a free music festival that happens the first weekend of October every year and is held at the Golden Gate Park. It is 100% funded by Warren Hellman, who past away in 2011. We were lucky enough to hear a little Cheap Trick while we attended. Walking around the venue was fairly easy (make sure to wear something comfy), police/security seemed to have it pretty well organized too, unlike my experience with KAABOO (I’ll save that for another post). The park itself was beautiful, I want to go back when there isn’t a festival so I can actually explore more.

Pier 39!

Welcome to Pier 39.

Towards the end of the weekend we set out for Pier 39! The pier famous for the sea lions. I love sea lions, I saw one the day Ben and I got married, and I saw one on our anniversary (without even trying). I think they are our lucky animal, so I always try to stop a make a visit with them when I can. Unfortunately there weren’t too many sea lions to see on this day, I did catch this little guy napping hard though.

We had lunch on a little restaurant on the pier. I was surprised to see that the pier is filled with all kinds of shops and a lot of placed to eat, as well as a carousel. We met up with a friend of Ben’s and we had a little wine tasting. My favorite of the ones pictured below was the Heartcraft Rosé.

On the last day of our trip Ben took a walk with a couple of friends, I was way too tired to get out of bed that early. He took these awesome pictures of their walk through a few parts of town including, The Presidio, and I am so jealous he found the Yoda fountain…








Until next time San Francisco.






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