Status Update & Life Changes

It has taken me awhile to write, and I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for a post. I’ve felt very blocked on idea and also haven’t had much time to sit down a write a blog or two. For those of you who are just tuning in, I work full-time and attend school part-time (probably less than part time depending on the semester). I just start Summer semester, but it’s the Spring semester that took all my time.

I was taking 3 classes total. One major class and two general education classes, Ballet and Modern Dance. I went to school Tuesday nights after working all day, and then spent my Saturday mornings in dance classes. I was hoping these dance classes would benefit me in two ways, (1) to help with my back pain and posture, and (2) to help keep me in shape. The work load for the dance classes was not what I expected, but that’s not what made my Spring semester feel so exhausting.

A few weeks into my Saturday morning dance classes we were practicing Pirouettes (spin/turn). Now, a turn is not something new to me, I took dance class all through out high school and executed many pirouettes in that time. This day was different. Perhaps it was the 10+ years break in between dance classes that resulting in this injury, or it was a weird freak accident, but an accident either way. I went to perform a turn with the group when my foot just didn’t turn with the rest of my body, I immediately felt it in the ball of my big toe, gave my toe a rub (and a crack) and continued on. The next day I had this stabbing, shooting pain from my toe to my ankle, I iced it and rested it and moved on.

About two weeks later I still felt it, every once and awhile this stabbing pain would come back whenever I walked, it felt like all my toes had tiny little cramps with each step, and when the pain started while I was just sitting I decided it was time to see a doctor. X-Rays showed I didn’t break anything, which was good, but I was told to rest and wear a brace. In regards to my dance class I was told to let my pain be my guide, and sometimes the most easiest tasks hurt, I found myself taking a lot of breaks in class, a lot of the moves required too much of my foot. I also had to quit attending my weekly exercise class with Infinite Fitness, which I really enjoyed.

More weeks went by and I still had pain, it was finally decided to do an MRI. By the time my MRI was ordered I was a couple weeks away from the end of the semester and the end of the dance classes, which I had already grown tired of attending since I couldn’t participate. I was bummed, I worked so hard in the beginning, I even tried to participate with a tight brace wrapped around my ankle, and all I was going to show for it was a failing grade or and incomplete since it was too late to withdrawal. I got my MRI results the Friday before the last class, and it appeared the tendons from my ankle down to my big toe were swollen, even after all those weeks. Even today as I write this post I feel an occasional bit of discomfort. My doctor told me to stop wearing my brace and to let the tendons get back to work. This is where I am today, I feel better then I did back in late March, but not 100% yet. I am patiently waiting to return to my exercise class with Infinite, because I feel out of shape and have gained a lot of weight.

This was another bummer with the injury. When I first met my husband I was tiny, not toned, but tiny. I could wear a size 4 jean and have no problems. Now, I’d be lucky enough to get that size 4 over ONE of my thighs…. It’s not just that I gained weight, gaining weight is a part of life and turning 30, it’s that even clothes that fit me less than a year ago no longer do. It’s that I am constantly living in “Yoga Pants.” I have so many cute shorts, pants, and skirts, they just don’t fit. That was why I took an exercise class to begin with and added dance into the mix, to lose some weight. I know I may never be at the same weight I was back in 2011, but I DO NOT want to be where I am now. I have size 8 jeans, I would like to wear them again.

Life Changes

My husband and I recently started actually listening to the advice of many people around us. Our eating habits were causing a huge weight problem and were actually resulting in my husband not feeling well. He’s had digestive issues pretty much the entire time I’ve known him, but now we’re trying to really get down to the cause. Many of his symptoms lead me to either a gluten intolerance or a lactose intolerance, we decided to cut gluten first. It make sense, many people around us have lost weight just by cutting out bread alone. I’ve ordered us a ton of gluten free meal kits from Chef’d to enjoy, and I will keep you all updated on our progress. I hope to get myself back in my Infinite classes next week, where I will be attempt to attend twice week with one of my favorite instructors (I miss her torturing me). I hope to keep you all updated on my the new goals I’ve set for myself every couple of weeks, so be sure to check back in to see how my goals are going. But first, you need to know the goals!

My Goals

  • Exercise at least once a week (twice a week ideal)
  • Make dinner at home 5 out of 7 days a week (1 day considered a “date night” & 1 day is the weekly dinner at the in-laws)
  • Loose 35-40 lbs and keep it off!
  • Get toned
  • Stretch More
  • Fit into my clothes again!

Wish me luck!


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