In Review

“Review the last 6 months and write down what you did well and how you could improve.
Consider your findings, then make goals and plan for the next 6 months.”

Comparing this year to last year (even the last few years) I am in a much better place emotionally and mentally. I wake up and enjoy going to work and the people I work with. It’s also the first time in my life I have felt the desire to further my education, something that took over 10 years to be realized, but it is never too late to figure out what you want to do and get back to it.

In the last six months I started school starting with a short summer semester. I have been doing very well in both of the classes I’ve been taking for the semester, health and world music. I am a little worried that my fall semester classes have payment due on August 1st and I still have not been awarded my financial aid like I did during the summer semester, but the guy in the financial aid office seems very sure it will come through in time.

What Did You do Well?

Something I have been doing very well at is my New Years Resolution of NO MCDONALDS! I haven’t had any McDonalds since the last Thursday of 2016. Some people will say it is an easy task, to me it is not, whenever I feel sick or overly stressed I want a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, fries, and a sweet tea. I am proud that we are in July and I haven’t broken down yet.

What Needs Improvement?

I could work better on my physical activity. Lately I haven’t been 100% happy with my weight and in my health class I read about the BMI Chart, mine is close to unhealthy, even my health record online says this. I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes, I would like to continue fitting in them. Plus! physical activity is good for our entire body and I want to keep my body healthy for years to come.

I also want to work more on my arts and crafts. Recently I added a shop feature onto my site but do not have products to add yet. I love when I get to plug my glue gun in or bust out the Mod Podge and make something beautiful. I enjoy making wreaths the most, it started about 8 years ago when I made my first wreath for Christmas and I find myself not wanting to stop. Currently, I have about 4+ wreaths at home with nowhere to put them. My dear sweet friend Jenee must’ve been so pleased with her wreath that she commissioned me to create a wreath for her sister and her new home, I have been imagining it in my head and can’t wait to get the supplies and get to work (starting this weekend). Creating something beautiful for someone truly makes me happy.

My goals for the rest of the year are:

  • keep my activity levels up
  • loose weight
  • get myself fitting back in my clothes
  • get some products in the works for my future shop
  • continue with school and continue to get those A’s!

It’s always great to make goals and to continuously check in on your life to review how it’s going.
Never forget about yourself. Always check in on your physical, emotional, and mental health.



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