Recipe: Taco Salad

This is, I believe, a favorite for my family & friends. Ben loves whenever I make this dish, it became one of his favorites.


Ground Beef
Your Favorite Greens (Spinach or Spring Mix is what I use)
Taco Seasoning
Garbanzo Beans
Tomato (Sliced or Cherry)
Cheese (Whatever your preference, Cubed)
Catalina Dressing
Doritos (I use Sweet & Spicy, but feel free to use your favorite flavor)
[Optional] Cilantro or Baby Cilantro (I personally love Baby Cilantro)
[Optional] Avocado

1.) Cook ground beef and follow steps on your taco seasoning package (I buy a bottle of seasoning and then add a little more than the directions say to add).

2.) In a bowl, mix your salad, tomatoes, cheese,  & garbanzo beans. [Optional cilantro and/or avocado]

3.) Put as much of the Doritos as you want in the bowl then crunch & mix (you can also crunch the chips in a ziplock bag, then pour into bowl).

4.) After your meat is cooked, add into bowl.

5.) Add your Catalina Dressing (as much as you would like)

6.) Then Mix!

7.) Finally serve, eat, & enjoy!

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