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Recently my husband showed me this new feature on my iPhone called “Bedtime”. You set the time you would like to wake up and then how many hours of sleep you would like and your phone will tell you when to get your butt to bed. I discovered that it links to the preexisting Health app that my iPhone has, so I decided to finally set up my app. Then I discovered through the app I could register myself as an organ donor!

My husband and I just said a few days ago that we wanted to register ourselves as donors and wanted to learn how to do it. Well, its simple.

  1. If you have an iPhone with the Heath app, just set up your app and it will ask you. Fill out the required information and you’re done. It literally took 1 minute of my life.
  2. You could visit one of the many websites that allow you to register. The Heath app uses Donate Life.
  3. Obviously, the DMV has the donate option for you as well.

Why is being an Organ Donor important?

You are giving someone else the chance to live once you have passed away.

This is something that hits close to home for me because in 2013 my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and was in need of a transplant. People can’t live without a liver, so I was looking at the real possibility of loosing my dad forever.

Being on the transplant list isn’t easy. There is a long list of requirements you must have to be put on the list, there is also a long list of issues that are out of your control that drop you from the list. My dad experienced this first hand, at one point he was removed from the transplant list because his tumor(s) had grown in size and/or quantity and was dropped.

My dad received a call in October of 2014 saying his time had arrived. On October 16, 2014 I watched my dad get rolled into the O.R. to start the procedure. It’s bit nerve wracking as well. Before the procedure they explain how they’re going to open you up, they inform you that they will not continue if they see any possible spreading of the cancer, and finally inform you that you are not the only person in the ICU waiting.

Tattoo for my dad. Designed by my beautiful friend Trinity.

So you’re sitting there first in line knowing something could go wrong and there is someone else in the hospital waiting for your chance to fail. When I left the ICU after they took him back for his procedure, I looked at every room thinking that person could be the person waiting, and as much as I wanted my dads procedure to go well, I wanted them to have their chance too. Those people waiting behind my dad have family worried about them, just like I worried about my dad.

The whole scene of the day still gets me. My dads procedure went well, that means the people waiting were sent home probably feeling defeated that it wasn’t their time. They might not have lived much longer after that day either.

This is why being a donor is important.

If you haven’t already registered yourself as a donor, you should. You will pass away knowing you did the single greatest selfless thing you could do for someone, and that is giving them a chance at life and asking for nothing in return.

Register to become an organ donor today!


Mallory ♥

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