O.M.G. This is the Best B.L.T.

I just had a great B.L.T. sandwich & wanted to share the news!
JK, I really want to share the recipe.

Philly B.L.T.

Bread (bread like a roll, baguette, or sourdough)
Cream Cheese
*Sriracha Cream Sauce

*How to make Sriracha Cream Sauce.

I’ve read online they use Sriracha & Mayo. I’m not a huge mayo fan, so if I were to make it I would use Sour Cream (which is what I usually use in place of mayo in recipes). Basically perfect your perfect combo of Sriracha & Mayo/Sour Cream. BAM! Sriracha Cream Sauce! 

Cook your bacon however you like it & begin your B.L.T. process. Instead of putting mayo or mustard on the bread, put a nice semi thin, but even layer of cream cheese. Next stack your sandwich like you normally would. Complete by drizzling Sriracha Cream Sauce on top or even using as a dip on the side.

I discovered this B.L.T. at a local Tap House here in San Diego. I never thought of putting cream cheese or Sriracha Cream Sauce on my B.L.T. and it was simply amazing, I’ve already had 2 in the past week! Maybe next time I’ll put some avocado & make it a B.L.T.A.


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