If You Want You Can Get to Know Me

Name: Mallory Matheny Trent

Where did you get your name? My first name is from the show Family Ties in the 80’s. After I got married I opted to keep my maiden name as a middle name.

Birthday: November 10, 1987

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Where were you born? Coupeville Washington which is a very small town on Whidbey Island.

Where do you live? San Diego, California.

Do you have any pets? I have two dogs. Lychee is a Schnauzer Bichon mix and Jude is a Min Pin. We adopted Jude from my brother when his life got a little hectic for him. We also have two Beta fish named Cabernet and Rosé that live happily together in a tank with a divider.

What do you do for a living? I currently work in a very small law firm in San Diego, CA as their receptionist/secretary. However, I do handle a lot more tasks than their previous receptionists would.

Do you have a degree? Currently I do not hold a degree from a college or university. I am attending classes at SD Miramar and SD Mesa College (sister schools) to obtain my Associates Degree of Science in Paralegal Studies. I had no experience in law when I was offered my job at this law firm, I’m really shocked they even offered me a position, but it has been very interesting and I enjoy learning about the subject (just not enough to become a lawyer).

Best Personality Traits: I am very friendly and very down to earth. People don’t typically hate me right away unless they’ve been influenced by someone, which has happened before. I am also a very loyal friend as long as you treat me with respect.

Worst Personality Traits: I can be very hot tempered, I get angry easily. It is something I’ve been working on for years and I always will be working on.

Any bad habits? I have a horrible habit of picking at my nails and lip as well as pimples! HELP!

Who is your best friend? My best friend would have to be my husband. He is someone I feel 100% comfortable being myself around and I hate being away from him. I would also classify my friend Crystal as one of my next go to’s for a best friend. We have been friends since high school and I really wish she lived in San Diego still.

What are 5 goals on your life to-do list? Travel the world, visit every Disney park, graduate from college, buy a home, have children (if children do not happen I will fill my life with a million schnauzers).

Mac or PC? Macbook all the way. I have never been disappointed with my Macbook purchase.

What about your phone? iPhone! Though I wish I could have an iPhone Blackberry combo sometimes, I really loved my Blackberry.

What’s on the top of your bucket list? Travel.

What if your favorite physical trait? My blue eyes.

Favorite Color: Tiffany Blue, or anything really within that color spectrum, I’m sure the color scheme of my site already told you this.

Favorite Movie(s): “Hitch” with “Crazy, Stupid, Love” right on its tails.

Favorite Band/Musician(s): I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift! I am also a big fan of Matchbox Twenty, my dad and I would listen to their first album on long car rides to San Diego from Imperial Valley (ick!), so to me they have very happy memories with my dad.

Favorite Book: I am not a big reader, a book really has to grab my attention within the first few pages to keep me. I did discover this book series by Laura Levine called The Jaine Austen Murder Mysteries. Her books are so funny and can really keep it interesting.

Favorite Hobby: I love arts and crafts. I would say my specialty is making wreaths for different occasions, which started when I was tasked with finding a Christmas wreath, I couldn’t find a single Christmas wreath I loved for a reasonable price so I headed to the craft store instead.

Favorite Food: PASTA PASTA PASTA! I could literally eat it every day. Luckily I found a husband that loves his pasta as much as I do (even though it’s a love/hate relationship).

Favorite Drink: Vodka cocktails, mainly Moscow Mule or a Bloody Mary. Wine is second and a Margarita is third.

Favorite Animal: Other than a dog it would have to be an elephant. They are one of the smartest creatures on this planet with the most compassion. It doesn’t matter if it is someone else’s baby that fell in the water other elephants will flock to save it.

Favorite Flower: A Sunflower or a Peony.

What is the meaning behind your site name/URL? Stella means “star” in Italian. I really love stars and wanted to include that in my site name in another language while having the name rolls of the tongue. Stile added to the name perfectly and means “style” in Italian. Basically my sites name is Star Style, however in Italian you would say “stile stella” as a translation. I like Stella Stile better.

Favorite Quote(s): “Only do what your heart tells you.”- Princess Diana

Why did you start your blog? I started Stella Stile when my friend bought me this Nomatic Planner, when I saw that each week had a different activity assigned to it I wanted to explore that. Now I try to find other subjects of interest to write about to help relax me and therapeutic.

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