D.I.Y Christmas Wreaths! Part One

People who really know me know that I love arts and crafts. It all started years ago during Christmas, my roommates were taking care of the tree and I was put in charge of the wreath. I searched all over to find a wreath that popped and had no luck, I decided I would make the wreath myself. It was beautiful, and I still have it in my Christmas box and use every once and awhile. Since it’s December and we are so close to Christmas, I wanted to share with you my steps for one of my most recent wreaths. The Wine Cork Wreath. Don’t miss part two, where I will share my Beach Theme Christmas Wreath.

The Wine Cork Wreath

Craft Ring (here)
Glue gun
Glue Sticks
Mod Podge (any formula)

Optional Materials
Ribbon and/or Bow
Any Christmas decor you desire (I used holly)

*I was able to collect this many corks from multiple sources. I collect corks from my mother-in-law, myself, and wineries are usually very nice about giving you their old cork. Of course, you can always purchase cork from craft stores, but wheres the fun in that??

Step One

First step is to attach your wine corks to your craft ring to start your foundation, this process can take awhile. You need to make sure all your wine corks are are attached tightly and the glue needs to be dry 100%. It should look like this as you glue the pieces on:

I like to align a few corks differently so I have a marker of where I want my wreath hanger with sit, if you add too many corks you will have a hard time placing this wreath on a door hanger, so it is best to leave yourself an idea of where to scatter your corks.


Apply a third row to your wreath on the inside to cover the craft ring. Like so:

It’s not important to do the best gluing job here, ALL of these parts will be covered, so just make sure your corks on glued on tight. Let dry completely.

Step Two

Start scattering your corks over the entire wreath, pay close attention to how you glue your corks, you don’t want too glue to show. Make sure to let your glue dry completely.


Make sure you let all the glue dry completely, check all pieces of cork to make sure they are fully attached to each other.

Step Three

For my wreath I attached holly throughout any openings I had between corks. If you’re going to use holly like I did, then attach your holly now. Make sure all your holly is fully attached.

Step Four

After your holly has dried and you’ve determined all cork is fully attached apply a full, even coat of Mod Podge to the entire wreath. The Mod Podge will help seal the corks more, leaving them less likely to come apart. I used a satin/gloss finish on my wreath that really brought out the colors of the cork. Mod Podge is known you dry clear, however if you’re apply your layers too soon or too thick it will dry white. I personally like a little bit of white, it makes it look as if some snow has fallen on the wreath, it’s all a personal choice.


After the Mod Podge has fully dried attach any ribbon or bows to your wreath. All done! Hang on your door and enjoy this holiday season!





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