D.I.Y Christmas Wreath! Part Two!

You never know when inspiration will hit, but if you’re at a craft store it is much more likely to happen….


Grapevine Wreath (I used this one, but the choice is yours)
Seashell Garland (Here)
Rope LED Lights (Here)
Small Christmas Ornaments (Color choice is yours, I used a set I found at Michaels what had about 5 different colors)
Bow (of your choice)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

I apologize for the lack of pictures for this step by step tutorial, I didn’t plan on sharing this wreath until it was too late.

Step One

Wrap your LED rope lights around the wreath. Glue the battery box onto the wreath in a manner in which you can still access its on/off switch, and easily replace the batteries.

Step Two

Wrap the seashell garland around your wreath a tightly as possible. Use the glue gun on any loose shells to attach to your wreath.

Step Three 

Attach your ornaments onto the wreath. Due to the rocky surface of a grapevine wreath this part will be a bit tricky. Before you apply any glue to the ornaments, decide where you think they will best lay and proceed from there.

I tried to keep mine as uniformed as possible, but feel free to go as crazy as possible!

Step Four

Attach your bow, and Tada!

I have horrible lighting outside my door, these are the best pictures I could get with the lighting at the moment.

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