Deal or Dud? Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip.

I recently received this lipstick as a free gift on my last Just Fab order. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while because they seem to have a couple of pro’s going for them.

  1. Great options in color choices
  2. Low price point $
  3. A current Hello Kitty collaboration (who doesn’t love Hello Kitty?)
  4. A lot of matte choices (not just for your lips, but for your eyes & cheeks).
  5. & I am all about the matte finish!

The majority of prices for the lipsticks are no more than $6 & have been compared to the Kylie Lip Kits which some people were raving about, & at $17 for a single tube or $29-$65 depending on the kit, it is not cheap. I’ve even read reviews that state Colourpop is the exact same product but since it doesn’t have the Kylie name it’s not as expensive & I’m not a huge fan of paying an obscene amount of money on makeup/beauty products; unless it is for my hair & recommended to me by my sister-in-law, who does hair for a living.

The lower price point really called out to me, but how many times have you bought something because it was cheap? I do not buy generic trash bags anymore because once I did & the darn thing tore apart when I attempted to put it in the trash can making it useless. Some things you have to splurge on, but lipstick? I mean, you wear it, and while you wear it you are drinking, eating, maybe even kissing someone. It’s just going to wipe off during the day & then be washed off before bed.

For the record I use no expensive makeup in my morning routine. I use cheap E.L.F makeup brushes, Revlon foundations, & Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder after that. I think the most expensive brand I have in my vanity is a Too Faced eyeshadow palette that was gifted to me at my bridal shower for my wedding day.

So to the point, is Colourpop a deal or a dud?

Yesterday I decided to use my free gift from Just Fab to test it out. I put it on in the morning before leaving for work & literally took it off when I washed my face after more than 8 hours had gone by. I never reapplied it. I didn’t even make it the entire day before I was on their site buying some items. The color I received is not my favorite shade, I’m a pretty fair-skinned girl & I love to rock the Taylor Swift red lip. So I bought the Hello Kitty collaboration called “Ribbon” (which is on sale for $4.80, Last Call) & a few other items for a whopping total of $21.94. Thanks to a promo code I received from Colourpop, my shipping was free.

I’m going to have to say Colourpop is a deal. Had I actually bought that tube for $6 I would have been very, very satisfied with my purchase.

They offer free shipping on domestic orders over $30 (international over $50). If matte isn’t your thing, they also have the glossy finishes too so you should have no problem hitting that free shipping mark!

Mallory <3

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