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The people who know me know how much I love my dogs. For the people who don’t really know me, you’re about to learn.

Jude & Lychee

I saw the advertisement for Bark Box a long time ago and thought it would be fun to sign up, with plans starting around $20 a month for treats and toys, it didn’t sound like a bad idea. I was highly disappointed when I discovered you had to pay for it all up front. Now, $20 a month sounds easy and completely doable, but paying over $200 right then and there was not. Sadly, I did not sign up for Bark Box at that time.

Over a year went by, and the ads showed up on my Facebook again, so I decided to take another look. This time I was pleasantly surprised to discover I could actually make monthly payments instead of all up front (for those individuals who can pay up front you will get some perks). I signed up for Bark Box and here is what I’ve experienced.

Sign Up.

They make signing up very simple. First you select the size of the box you would like to receive, this is according to the size of your dog.

“Small & Cute” “Just Right” “Big & Bold”
0-20lbs           20-50lbs         50+lbs

The size you select for your box will help the Bark Box team decide what size/durability of treats and toys to put in the box. If you have a small dog you might not want to select the “Big & Bold” box if you don’t want the possibility of bigger treats and/or toys. However, if you have a smaller dog that is a bit of a destroyer you might want to select a level up. To the best of my knowledge and research each box is the same size (with the possible exception of needing a bigger shipping box for certain toys) and has the same amount of items included.

Next you select your subscription length. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper your monthly price will be.

1 Month- $29
6 Month- $25
12 Months-$21

NOTE: The size box you select has ZERO affect on the price of your subscription, which I really LOVED.
12 “Small & Cute” boxes is the same price as 12 “Big & Bold” boxes.

After you select the subscription length they will ask you if you have a playful pup, if so you can pay an additional $9 to include an extra “premium” toy in each box.

Create an Account & Payment.

Next you’ll create your account and input your payment options. When you get to the payment options you can choose if you would like to pay monthly or pay in full. If you pay in full at checkout you will receive a small discount. Creating an account was so easy and finding the option to pay monthly was not a challenge at all.

Inside the Box.

The boxes include 4-5 items. I noticed I’ve received 2 toys, a couple decent sized bags of treats, and a chew of some kind. The fun part about the boxes is each month has a theme!! The first month was Lunar New Year themed and featured a sushi roll toy and a teapot toy (my dogs seemed fond of the sushi roll). The most recent box theme was “Chewrassic”, which was very dinosaur related. It makes me excited to see what each months theme will be.

If your dog(s) seemed to really enjoy an item in the box then you can head over to the Bark Shop and purchase it directly from the store. They even have a club you can join if you have a dog who loves to destroy their toys. The Destroyers Club, where the entire idea of the club is to buy a specific toy (plenty of options to choose from), have your dog destroy it, submit pictures, receive points, buy new toys with your points. My dog Jude destroys toys in .01 seconds so that sounds good to me!


The thing I liked the most was I could tell bark box my dog(s) have allergies.

“BarkBoxes never contain wheat, corn, or soy.
In addition, allergy-friendly BarkBoxes
will also never contain products containing
beef, chicken, or turkey.”

When I first signed up for Bark Box I didn’t realize I could say my dog has allergies. However, I noticed that most of the treats I received didn’t contain chicken* in them. So far I’ve received a few boxes and only one bag of treats listed chicken on the ingredients list. I have since switched my box to allergy-friendly.

*My vet once told me that the protein in your dogs food/treats is usually the biggest cause of allergies in our dogs, more so than grains. He went on to tell me that chicken is the biggest culprit in the bunch. My dog Jude scratches so much he starts to bleed, so we really try to limit his chicken intake to see if that helps (so far we’re discovering that he seems to just be allergic to life….).
You have to read ingredients on your pets food/treats carefully, chicken is used as a filler in almost every dog food or treat. Even when your bag says it’s “Lamb and Potato” flavored, read the list, it will still have chicken in it.

Scouts Honor.

If you or your dog are not happy with an item you received you can contact Bark Box an receive a new toy or treat that better suits your dogs needs/wants.


So far I am loving what I am finding with Bark Box. I’ve spoken to a representative once and I found them to be very kind and helpful. I love the thought they put in to each box every month, I love the quality of the treats I’ve received, and I love that they offer their customers an allergy-friendly. It really seems like a group of people who care about your dog(s). $21 isn’t too much of a price for what you get, considering most dog toys cost around $10-$15.

Plus, how many of us bought treats for our dogs only to have them turn their nose at it? This way you can simply exchange for something else instead of being stuck with something your dog wont eat.

If you are interested in signing up for a 6-12 month subscription for you pooch use my link below to receive your first Bark Box FREE!

On top of getting your first box free, for every new customer I sign up I receive a free box that I will donate to a shelter pup in need! Sign Up Today!

Bark Box Donate.PNG


I am writing this post out of pure love for Bark Box and Bark Shop. I am not a paid affiliate of or I did not receive any form of payment or compensation for my review. I’m just a girl who really loves her dogs.



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