30 Day Music Challenge. Day 7 & 8.

I’m a little behind. I did not have my computer with me the last couple of days so I am combining two days in one, guess I sort of failed at the challenge. Oh well. Even when you think you’ve failed you should keep going.

Day 7.

A song to drive to

The Other Side-Bruno Mars

I am obsessed with this song & I love the way it sounds in my car. I never skip it when it comes on my iPhone while I drive.

Day 8.

A song about drugs or alcohol

Pusher Love Girl- Justin Timberlake

Now honestly I’m not 100% sure about this song, he could be singing about how a girl makes him feel so high but then he mentions things like: cocaine, plum wine, & Blue Dream (WEED! AH!). So I’m going to say it falls into this category. BUT, just in case….

Champagne Supernova-Oasis

This one is just obvious, because “Where were you while we were getting high?”

Mallory <3

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