Take a picture with someone you care about, post it to social media, and explain what you appreciate about them.

My husband does not enjoy taking pictures with me, so I’m going to share a photo & some personal background on our relationship.

I met Ben in 2011 while working at California Coast Credit Union as a teller. All the girls I worked with (Trinity included!) had members picked out that they thought were cute, they called them “puppies”. I helped Ben for the first time in the summer of 2011, I remember him leaving and me asking the girls if anyone had claim on that particular “puppy”. Lucky for me, no one did. Thus started my crush on Ben.

I only helped him a few times and we talked very little during our interactions. I wished him a happy birthday and we discussed how he was going to celebrate it. Then one rainy day in October he came in. He mentioned something about his neighbors huge dog, not knowing the breed (Cheetah, she was a Mastiff) and how he never had a dog. I jokingly offered mine to him not really thinking he would ever “steal” my dog from me. He told me he would take a picture of Cheetah and show me next time and was on his way, or so I thought.

Around closing time he appears at my teller window again saying he has another deposit. It was all a little weird because I wasn’t at my window at the time. I helped him with his deposit and handed him his receipt. He took it, stood at my window for a bit, and then said it…”Would you like to go out with me sometime?”

“AH!” was the first thing to pop into my mind but all that came out was a very calm “sure”. I took back his receipt, wrote down my number, and then walked him to the door to let him out since we were now closed. When I returned to my window this followed:

“Mallory, did that boy just ask you out?”-Rachel
“And what did you say?”
“Good job, because he is really cute!”
(I love and miss Rachel)

Now, dating a member is a little frowned upon so I was instructed that if I went out with him I could never help him again. I also thought I shouldn’t do it, that I should take a break from dating after the year I had, but something inside of me told me I had to (and we can tell by now that I was right to follow my intuition).

We really fell for each other and we fell fast. We started dating in October and pretty much considered it exclusive by December. We spent a lot of our time together. My dog fell in love with him faster than I could. Lychee and Ben had become so close that I practically didn’t own a dog anymore. I didn’t have to worry about Lychee, Ben would hang out with him whenever I was working and he was free.

Everything was going great and in October of 2013 he presented me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen while we (as in Ben, me, and Lychee) sat on some rocks by Blacks Beach in La Jolla. The next year was spent planning our wedding and finally the day came. October 11, 2014.

We got married at The Dana Hotel in Mission Bay. We stood in front of two tall palm trees overlooking the water and had a wonderful evening. It was the best night of my life because I got to marry and start my life with my best friend.

Now onto why I appreciate Ben.

I appreciate him because he accepts me for me. He makes me feel 100% comfortable being my quirky self. He accepts my irrational fear of ants and gets those creepy bugs out of our house asap. He tries his hardest to make sure I am not stressed about housework. He works hard to provide and support our family. He worked hard to keep us happy.

I hate to sound like Charlotte from Sex and the City but I feel happy every day, not all day every day, but every day.

October 11, 2014.

Mallory <3



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