Sometime this week buy a meal or a drink for someone and let them know how grateful you are for them.

I decided this for this activity I wanted to take the person who helped start it all. Meg. She choose to go to one of our favorite (all you can eat) Korean BBQ places in Clairemont, Taeguki Korean BBQ House.

Apparently the way I invited Meg caused some suspicion on her part, she thought I was going to tell her I was pregnant (she really wants me to have a baby so she can play with it). I told Meg I was not there to announce my pregnancy, instead I wanted to tell her how grateful I am for her.

Meg is a great friend to have. She always seems calm & is great to discuss a problem with because she always manages to see both sides of the story & help you realize that as well (I don’t know how she does it). She is always very supportive to her friends, even people she hardly knows. That is what makes her a wonderful person.

I’m grateful for Meg because she has been a good friend since pretty much the day I met her. She watches Pretty Little Liars & stays up late to watch all the Gilmore Girls “A Year in the Life” episodes with me. She helped keep me calm on my wedding day (as well as all events leading up to that day). She also wrote the best Maid of Honor speech I ever heard that totally made me cry. Meg is more like a sister than a friend. I plan on keeping her around for a long time. I’m happy John Henry & her are getting married, I didn’t really want to make “Team Meg” shirts (oh but I would have).

She also makes really good veggie pho & some kind of lemon salad dressing. mmmm!

Mallory <3

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