Answer these four questions every day:

  1. What touched me today?
  2. Who or what inspired me today?
  3. What made me smile today?
  4. What’s the best thing that happened today?


Superbowl Sunday! My least favorite, and favorite day of the year. Why? It is my least favorite day? Because I could care less about football and it’s all everyone around me seems to care about. It is my favorite day because I can do Mallory things. I do not go to any Superbowl parties, I wont enjoy myself and I sitting on your laptop while people are watching TV is considered rude. So, I didn’t have much human interaction on this day, these questions will for sure be hard to answer.

  1. At the end of my “Mallory Day” I drove to my in-laws house to pick up Ben (who I dropped off earlier in the day to watch the game). When I got there my MIL was sitting in the front room while Ben and his dad sat in the back room. I hadn’t seen Ben all day and he can be a little needy after spending the day apart, so I check in with him first. After a while I got up and went to the front room where I was greeted with an empty wine glass sitting on the coffee table just waiting for me to pour a drink. I think that’s sweet. We sat there and had some wine while watching Poltergeist until Ben just had to go home. (He had a cold…)
  2. I inspired myself honestly.
  3.  I had a great morning with Ben.
  4. That I got to spend some time alone and not have any responsibilities for the

Monday! Back to work and it’s raining….

  1. After Ben met me for dinner as to avoid Monday evening rain traffic I discovered “Sprinkles” (the cupcake place). He took me and bought me 2 cupcakes and also got 2 cakes for our pups!
  2. Ben’s mom, she is so great at Math and is really trying to help me by responding to my annoying text messages about things I really should know.
  3. My coworker sent me a hilarious picture on Instagram (see below). 
  4. The rain, I love the rain. Much like Lorelai Gilmore’s relationship to snow. I can smell the rain coming from a mile away. My husband didn’t believe me one day when I said it would rain. He changed his mind when the sprinkles started to fall.


Oh god, I really should’ve written these down. I forgot them all. =/


  1. Ben texted me in the middle of the work day asking me what we needed from Target to make tortellini’s. Anyone who knows Ben knows how much he hates Target. I’m shocked he actually went by himself.
  2. Ben.
  3. Ben, he did a wonderful job picking up stuff for dinner & he bought me more La Croix! (The best drink ever!)
  4. Everything Ben did today. Man, sorry everyone, today was very much centered around my husband.


  1. IDK
  2. IDK
  3. The very inappropriate text message thread with Ben, John Henry, & Meg. (sorry, can’t show you =P)
  4. Going to Blue Door Winery with John Henry, Meg, & Ben. They have great wines & the best Sangria I’ve ever had. It is such a fun place to go with friends.

Friday! Harlem Globe Trotter time with: Ben, Michael, Collin, Jarrod, Gar, Katie, & Gar’s brother Nick.

  1. How polite & respectful Ben and his friends are. In a sea of men who feel it is okay to treat women like nothing, these friends really prove that not all men are like that.
  2. My sister in law shared a book with me. “The Book of Awakening”. She told me it has the same idea as my planner which started this whole thing. It looks like this book provides daily activities from what Amazon “Peak” showed me. I’ve added it to my cart and will push the buy button once I have my shopping list complete. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a reason to write more often!
  3. Some stupid joke Jarrod told at Modern Times. I think I laughed for like 5 minutes.
  4. Getting to see the Harlem Globe Trotters! They put on a great show & are so funny! This was a night were smiles never left our faces.

Saturday! Last day of this week and then it is time to move on to my next activity! This has been hard preparing. I tried to log in every day and write each answer down so I wouldn’t forget, I did not execute that idea well. I had a very lazy Saturday, I could barely bring myself to clean my apartment like I normally do.

I’m going to call this week a semi fail to 100% complete my activity, I’ll try better next week!


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